Hyper (HYP) Tokens

While HyperDex enables investors to earn returns on a wide variety of crypto assets, investors may also earn high returns using the native HYP token.


Hyper (HYP) token is the native token to the HyperDex platform. HYP serves the purpose of enhancing the overall utility and productivity of the HyperDex ecosystem.

The primary use case of HYP is to upgrade normal investment Cubes into HyperCubes. This increases an investor’s overall returns on a given Cube. Investors may upgrade any Cube into a HyperCube, with specific benefits dependent upon the type (namely the terms).

HYP tokens are only minted when a HYP denominated reward is due, resulting in a more sustainable minting mechanism that helps foster healthy price growth over time.


HYP tokens feature a unique minting mechanism. Unlike many protocols that mint large quantities of tokens each block to satisfy high APY incentives for staking, HYP tokens are only minted after certain events.

These events occur only when a HYP reward is due, such as:

  • When a HYP Fixed Income Cube earns a return
  • When any HyperCube earns a return
  • When a Farm participant earns a reward
  • When a Referral Program participant earns a reward

Tokens Minted = [profit in USDT] / [Hyper token USDT value]


Initially, a pre-sale phase lasting approximately 4 weeks will occur whereby 200MM HYP tokens are minted. Half (100MM) will be reserved for pre-sale participants, while the other half (100MM) will be distributed to the HyperDex platform.

Any remaining tokens not sold during the pre-sale phase will be allocated to HyperDex. These tokens will be used to help increase the HYP token buy pressure in numerous forms (e.g. contests, airdrops, etc.)

Acquiring HYP

Aside from participating in the pre-sale, the only other ways to acquire HYP tokens will be via a token swap (e.g. PancakeSwap) once live along with receiving them as a reward (HYP Fixed Income Cube, HyperCubes, Farm reward, Referral Program reward).



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