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2 min readMay 16, 2022
Algo Trading Cubes are simplified investment strategies offered by Hyperdex, yielding a variable return over a certain time period.

What are Algo Trading Cubes?

Algo Trading Cubes are simplified trading strategies that are automated and based on a statistical arbitrage algorithm. Algo trading Cubes aim to increase returns by finding market inconsistencies among the most popular crypto assets. Hyperdex’s Algo Trading Cubes are powered by a proprietary algorithm that has been successfully employed in diverse market circumstances for numerous years. It has a completely automated trade execution system.

How do I invest in an Algo Trading Cube?

  1. Navigate to hyperdex.finance and select ‘Algo Trading’ under the ‘Cubes’ dropdown.
  2. Connect your wallet (i.e. MetaMask), choose the Algo Trading Cube you would like to invest in based on the predefined parameters.
  3. Deposit the quoted asset, approve the transaction, and click invest.

Your deposit + any generated profit will be available to withdraw upon expiration.

Like fixed income cubes, it’s that simple!

Algo Trading Cubes Risk Level

Algo Trading Cubes are a medium risk offering from Hyperdex. However, at all times, a complicated chain analysis of a certain cryptocurrency is carried out to determine the most profitable path for selected currencies. These paths are traded, and the returns are relatively large compared to the risk.

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