Hyperdex — Fixed Income Cubes

Fixed Income Cubes are simplified investment strategies offered by Hyperdex, yielding a fixed return over a certain time period.

What are Fixed Income Cubes?

Fixed Income Cubes are an offering of simplified investment techniques that provide users with a fixed income on stablecoins or other crypto assets. Fixed Income Cubes are available in a range of expiration dates and returns for users to pick from. Fixed income cubes are available for a range of crypto assets.

How do I invest in a fixed income cube?

  1. Navigate to hyperdex.finance and select ‘Fixed Income’ under the ‘Cubes’ dropdown.
  2. Connect your wallet (i.e. MetaMask), choose the Fixed Income Cube you would like to invest in based on the predefined parameters.
  3. Deposit the quoted asset, approve the transaction, and click invest.

Your deposit + any generated profit will be available to withdraw upon expiration.

It’s that simple!

Fixed Income Cubes Risk Level

Fixed Income Cubes are a low risk option from Hyperdex. As we have heard from our users, “Fixed Income = Fix Problems”. Fixed Income Cubes are a popular option for investors who prefer gradual and steady returns.

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