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2 min readMay 19, 2022
Invest in strategies created by other users or build and deploy your own for others to invest in

What are Modular Cubes?

Modular Cubes introduce to the Hyperdex platform another attractive investment opportunity.

Hyperdex is one of the first DeFi protocols that allows users to act as a “fund manager” by facilitating the creation and executing of their trading strategies directly through a Hyperdex-hosted cube.

This allows users to build and implement a wide variety of investment strategies, which can subsequently be invested in by anyone.

Hyperdex — Investment Cubes

Build and Deploy Strategies

Modular Cube creators fill out and choose from a list of over 200 parameters (including asset, expiration, etc.) and specify the conditions for a trade signal to occur.

Simple strategies, in which an asset is bought or sold at a specific moment, or more complex strategies, in which data points and indicators are used to generate trading signals, are all available to creators.

Standard stop orders and other risk management tools will be available. As Modular Cubes are user created, returns, risk, deposited asset, expiration date, and overall strategy vary from strategy to strategy.

The process of creating cubes, even highly complex ones, is available to users with no coding experience required.

Lastly, Modular Cube creators set their own fee schedule, with Hyperdex receiving a fixed percentage commission from each Cube. This enables users to effectively monetize their investment strategies.

Invest in Strategies

Once a users builds and deploys a Modular Cube strategy, other users may choose to invest in it.

A leaderboard will be available for everyone to see the best performing strategies along with past performance metrics, total amount invested, and more.

Later on, cube-specific NFTs will be automatically distributed based on the amount invested by a user. Modular Cube NFTs will entitle the holder to a certain portion of fees generated by the respective investment strategy.

How to invest in a Modular Cube

Modular Cubes are currently unavailable but will be coming soon!

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Modular Cubes Risk Level

Since Modular Cubes are highly customizable and user created investment strategies, this results in a varied risk that is different from cube to cube.

Therefore, we suggest looking at past performance metrics for each strategy in order to make a more informed decision on which cube to invest in.

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