Hyperdex x PinkSale Partnership

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3 min readJul 5, 2022
By investing in a PinkSale investment cube, users earn a return on deposits and are also automatically whitelisted for the upcoming HYP token IDO.

Hyperdex is excited to announce our new partnership with PinkSale!

This partnership is designed to bring value to both the PinkSale and Hyperdex communities.

Through our collaboration, Hyperdex will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our initial investment platform, while simultaneously offering PinkSale and it’s community unique investment cubes created just for them!

PinkSale Investment Cubes

To kickoff this partnership, Hyperdex will be deploying a variety of investment cubes created just for the PinkSale community!

These will include two Fixed Income cubes.

PinkSale BUSD Fixed Income 6 Months

  • This is a BUSD fixed income cube with an expiration after 6 months and an APY of 6.75%

PinkSale WBNB Fixed Income 6 months

  • This is a WBNB fixed income cube with an expiration after 6 months and an APY of 3.75%

In addition to earning a return on deposited assets, users that deposit into PinkSale investment cubes will automatically be whitelisted for our upcoming HYP IDO expected to take place in October 2022!

How to Participate

In order to participate simply:

  1. Visit hyperdex.finance
  2. Navigate to ‘Cubes’ and select ‘Fixed Income’
  3. Select a PinkSale cube
  4. Deposit the quoted asset (BUSD or WBNB)
  5. Wait

Upon expiration, users will be able to receive their profit!

Note: early withdraws are possible however they are subject to an early withdrawal fee.

Earn a Return and get Whitelisted

Users that participate by investing in a PinkSale cube will benefit not only from the returns of the cube, but will also be whitelisted for the HYP token IDO (coming soon)!

By depositing up to $500 in a PinkSale cube, users will be eligible for a basic allocation for the HYP token IDO.

For investments greater than $500, an additional multiplier will be added based on the amount (with a maximum 2.5x multiplier relative to the basic allocation).

Users that also complete social tasks will be eligible for a higher allocation.

In order to receive a higher allocation from social tasks, you must complete this form: https://forms.gle/w3LuW2LTQaTf1noN6


Hyperdex x PinkSale are establishing a unique partnership that leverages the Hyperdex platform and brings value to both the Hyperdex and PinkSale communities.

Users will be able to deposit assets into PinkSale Investment Cubes and receive both a return along with a whitelist spot for the HYP token IDO that will take place later on.

To stay updated as well as get notified of upcoming announcements, join our community by following us on Twitter and joining our Telegram group.