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2 min readMay 18, 2022


Investment cubes are simplified investment strategies offered by Hyperdex

What are investment cubes?

Investment cubes are simplified investment strategies available via the Hyperdex platform.

Each investment strategy is placed in a containerized environment, where it is distinguish based on the specific strategy (e.g. fixed income) and the expiration date.

‘Cubes’ are the name for these containers.

Cubes are comparable to decentralized exchange liquidity pools in how they function.

How Investment Cubes Work

Types of investment cubes

1. Fixed Income Cubes

A low-risk investment option that provides returns on stable coins and other crypto assets with a fixed income. Users can choose from a variety of Fixed Income Cubes based on their expected returns and expiration dates.

2. Algo Trading Cubes

An automated strategy based on pure statistical arbitrage algorithms with a medium-risk associated with it. Algo Trading Cubes identify market discrepancies among key crypto assets and are designed to deliver bigger returns. Market execution is wholly automated when you invest in an Algo Trading Cube.

3. Race Trading Cubes

A high-risk investing option that parallels crypto prediction markets in many ways. Investors can use Race Trading Cubes to forecast the outcome of future price movements of a crypto asset. On behalf of the investor, race trading cubes automatically compute and execute the entry, take profit, stop orders, and leverage.

Modular Cubes (coming soon)

Modular Cubes are unique in that the risk varies based on the strategy created by the user.

In a Modular Cube, users can create and deploy their own investment strategy for others to invest in without any prior programming experience.

Modular Cube creators fill out a list of parameters (such as asset, expiration, and so on) and specify the conditions under which a trade signal will occur.

Simple strategies, in which an asset is bought or sold at a specific moment, or more complex strategies, that leverage data points and indicators to generate trading signals, are available to creators. Standard stop orders and other risk management tools will also be available.

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